Dubh Agus Óir

Basic Info
Showname: Dubh Agus Óir
Barn name: Oili
Gender: Mare
Breed: Shetland Pony
Color: Smoky Black
Traits: Agile, Brave, Ornery
Groomer: N/A

Dubh Agus Óir is very talentic Shetland Pony. When on her back is right rider, she do almost everything! There is still one but - she is quite stubborn and if you don't ask her do something, you can be sure that she doesn't do it.

Bloodline & Breeding info
Breeder: Imagination Farm, England
Bloodlines: 1st generation Shetland Pony
Sire: Foundation Shetland Pony stallion
Dam: Foundation Shetland Pony mare
Breeding Approval: Pending
Registration Number: #Pending


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