Shetland pony foals!

Hi there!

Our Shetland mares are dams now! They gave birth on last week and now their foals are for sale! Please read our rules below.

DRC Aisling Dubh
Kärnlinghof Hamlett x Dubh Agus Óir
Smoky Black, Shetland Pony filly

Aisling Dubh (black dream) is very stubborn little filly. She's very pretty and I think that she would be great broodmare. Aisling Dubh will also be great child's pony.
DRC Halen
Fayron's Bramble x Siwgr
Tobiano, Shetland Pony filly

Halen (salt) is stubborn and lazy filly. She have beautiful color and conformation. We'll sell her to home where she will have peaceful life - some foals, maybe competing, but mostly just relaxing in the pasture and being children's pony.

• My horses are not for massdownload.
• I sell only 1 copy of each horse.
• You can apply for multiple foals at same time if you want and I´ll consider who gets wchich foal.
• You may not use my foals as a base of your own work and then upload them for massdownload.
• You must put word "hevonen" to your application
• You must keep our prefix in the horse's official (/show) name. You may not add your own prefix or change their names
• Don´t change my horses names!
• Do not change the appearance of the horse without my permission!
• If you are selling horse, which you buy from me, ask if I wanna buy it back
• If you sell my horse, you have to tell these rules for the new owner
• You must register my horses to their registries (if they have active registry)

Your name:
Name of your stables:
Link/URL to your stables:
Your email:
Name of DRC horse:
Future plans:
Why I should sell this horse to you?:

Send applications to: dukesequinecenter@hotmail.com

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